BELARUS: National assembly adopts statement condemning anti-Belarusian campaign
Embassy of Belarus

April 29, 2005

The Republic of Belarus has recently been experiencing intense political, diplomatic and informational pressure from certain states which try to use for this purpose a number of international organizations. Statements and resolutions have been adopted, the main subject of which is violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms allegedly happening in Belarus.

It is obvious that the campaign launched against our country aims at misinforming the European and world community, at creating an impression of our country as an undemocratic state.

Such statements and resolutions use the same inadequate data that are repeated year in and year out, contain malicious lies with respect to the policies of the Republic of Belarus, and allow insults addressed to the Head of the Belarusian state. Characteristic feature of such `documents`, assessing respect for human rights in the Republic of Belarus, is the use of double standards.

Objective data testify to progressive development of our nation. Economic situation in the Republic of Belarus is stable. We have set up a well-developed social security system, with programs in house-building, science, environment protection, health, education, culture and sports being implemented in the interests of citizens. There is no social tension in the Belarusian society, and it enjoys international and interconfessional consent.

Belarus has never presented a threat to neighboring states, nor does it have territorial claims on them. It has carried out its international obligations in disarmament and has put forward a number of peace initiatives. Belarus is a reliable neighbor of the European Union, screening it from such regional security threats as illegal migration, drugs and arms trafficking, and organized crime.

All this confirms the accuracy of the policy chosen by the leadership of the Republic of Belarus and aimed at gradual, consistent reform of the national economy and formation of advanced civil society

However, the activities of Belarusian authorities to protect the national interests and to raise living standards of our people are knowingly concealed or distorted. Recent intensification of anti-Belarusian actions indicates a deliberate strategy of defamation of Belarus by the forces, that don`t like an independent policy of our country. The `conductor` of these actions, striving for individual world domination is well known.

Especially surprising is the fact that leaders of certain states that cannot be identified as standards of economic and social development join the ranks of `advocates of human rights in Belarus`. Moreover, they do not even wish to adhere to fundamental human rights and to provide basic freedoms in their own states.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus rejects the ungrounded accusations contained in the statements and resolutions of the kind and considers those as interference into internal affairs of an independent state, whatever good intentions and motives their authors might use as a cover.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus declares that using human rights rhetoric for advancing political and economic interests of one group of states at the expense of other states has no prospects and contradicts the very concept of human rights. Unilateral measures undertaken by certain states or a group of states with respect to an independent state discredit the principle of the participation by the world community in ensuring respect for human rights.

The Parliament of the Republic of Belarus once again reaffirms the readiness of our country to keep an open constructive dialogue and cooperation with all international organizations and parliaments of foreign states without posing any preliminary conditions or applying double standards.