NICARAGUA: Nicaragua notifies the OAS of CAFTA
Embassy of Nicaragua

31 March 2006                                                           

On March 31, Nicaragua`s ambassador to the United States, Salvador Stadthagen, and Nicaragua`s ambassador to the Organization of American States, José Luís Velásquez, notified the OAS Depository and the OAS Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza, of the entrance into force of the Free Trade Agreement between the Dominican Republic, Central America and United States (CAFTA-DR). Present during the ceremony were the ambassador of the United States to the OAS, John Maisto, the vice-president of the OAS Permanent Counsel, Marina Valere, and the OAS` assistant secretary general, Albert Ramdin. 

After delivering the document to Secretary General Isulza, and receiving the corresponding certification, Ambassador Stadthagen expressed his gratitude to the OAS for its firm support throughout the process ratifying CAFTA, noting that the treaty was signed at the organization`s headquarters on August 5, 2004. The Ambassador emphasized that the great success of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Chile was very useful for convincing the public, as well as the American Congress, of CAFTA`s neccessity during the lobbying for the treaty`s ratification. 

For his part, Secretary General Insulza expressed his pleasure at the notification received and emphasized that “there has not been a country that has entered a free trade agreement and gotten negative results, we can argue it, but we know that any argument would only be ideological because the figures have spoken both before and after.” After giving various examples, he referred to the success of his country, Chile, mentioning that “these agreements function and they produce the effects they say they are going to produce, therefore today I congratulate Nicaragua for the decision it has taken”. 

Nicaragua`s entrance into CAFTA is now confirmed in force for April 1, 2006. Nicaragua is the second country, after the El Salvador, to complete this procedure.