An independent Nagorno-Karabakh lacks legal basis
Adil Baguirov

Dear Mr. Cromwell and editors of DiplomaticTraffic,

I was appalled to see a one-sided interview of a non-embassy and non-diplomatic corps figurehead, representing an unrecognized and illegitimate regime, which has been occupying some 16% of the Republic of Azerbaijan and has ethnically cleansed all of the Azerbaijani inhabitants of this large swath of territory -- area, where those 600,000 Azerbaijanis used to be a majority. Because of the actions of the Armenian separatists and their representatives, such as Mr. Barseghian, both nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan have been suffering and locked in a never-ending cycle of hate and violence.

The DT interview omits to mention or grossly misrepresents many important background details, such as the population of Karabakh before Sovietization (see the 1897 Russian Imperial census); that Karabakh was part of Azerbaijan before 1921 (see the actual KavBureau 1921 decision) and could thus never be `made part of Azerbaijan SSR,` but instead retained in Azerbaijan; and that the 1990 law hurriedly passed by die-hard communists was unconstitutional and illegal, in direct contradiction to both the USSR and Azerbaijan SSR (as well as Armenian SSR) Constitutions (the supreme law of the country), as well as -- ironically -- other laws passed hurriedly in 1990. Moreover, the still-born 1990 law, aside from being unconstitutional, never gave the right to independence, but only to remaining within USSR. This is exactly why repeated calls by some separatist-friendly Russian Duma members to recognize the independence of Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transdnistria and Nagorno-Karabakh are turned down, despite all the lobbying by the Kremlin and Duma leadership, as they lack legal basis.

It would help if DiplomaticTraffic were to check these facts -- as well as four UN Security Council resolutions -- first, before publishing such an unfortunate set of falsifications, designed to advance the agenda of separatists and war-mongers.

Adil Baguirov, Ph.D.

Mr. Baguirov, originally from the city of Shusha in Karabakh, is an energy consultant based in Houston and Washington DC and holds a PhD in political science (MGIMO) and a BA in International Relations (USC).