Running for land mine victims
Thomas Cromwell

Slovenia’s Ambassador to Washington, Samuel Zbogar, is passionate about one of his country’s foreign policy initiatives: bringing attention to the problems of land mines in Bosnia-Herzegovinia, which, like Slovenia, was once part of Yugoslavia.  

But unlike most envoys, the ambassador does not limit his efforts to speech-making and the like. Rather, by participating in marathons around the United States, he is running to bring attention to the Bosnian land mines and in particular on behalf of six young victims.

In a recent letter to friends of Slovenia, he said: “I want to raise awareness about [land] mine problems and land mine victims,” one third of whom are children. He is working to raise $38,144.33 for rehabilitation treatment for the six children.

The treatment is being offered by the Slovenian-based International Trust Fund for De-mining and Mine Victims Assistance ( and its US partner, the Marshall Legacy Institute.

In February he ran in Austin, Texas, on April 1 he will run in Knoxville, Tennessee, and in May in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you would like to support the ambassador’s efforts, you can send a check to the Embassy of Slovenia, 1525 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036, or donate online at