Dark Saudi Minds Ruin Other`s Lives
Thomas Cromwell

Saudi Arabia is a nation where men with dark minds have the power to make decisions that ruin other people`s lives. In many countries there are similar sick men, but they are typically pushed to the margins of society. In Saudi Arabia they are part of the establishment.

In the Saudi kingdom they are the rulers, the judges, the policemen and the clergy. As men, they think of themselves as Muslims, or even good Muslims. They believe that they enjoy a special privilege, the right not only to judge the virtue of others, but to impose punishments of beating, lashing, imprisonment, stoning, amputation of limbs and beheading.

They think they are doing God`s bidding, but it is not God`s light that shines in their hearts and minds, and guides their decision-making. No, they are driven by their own twisted, sombre visions of heaven and hell, by a calculus of good and evil that condemns all but a handful of souls to the fires of judgment.

God, to them, is not a loving father but a merciless tyrant, a being obsessed with extracting every last cent of payment for sins committed by an evil human race. They seek to please this god with their inhuman decisions.

The most recent example of the vicious judgments imposed by these morbid servants of a vindictive god is the case of a 19-year old Shia girl sentenced to 90 lashes for being in the car of a man not related to her. (See http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7098480.stm for details.)

Her case came to the attention of Saudi Arabia`s men of wisdom because she was the victim of a gang rape by seven men. The men got sentences from one to five years, but when the victim and her lawyer sought to draw public attention to the case and appealed the judgment, the Arabian sages increased the number of lashes for the girl to 200 and sentenced her to six months in prison.

They also deprived the lawyer of his license and forbade him from defending the girl further.

The Saudi system of justice is sick to its core. Grim interpretations of sharia imposed by sadistic men have emptied the desert kingdom`s regime of any divinely-inspired virtue. In the name of God, cruel and bitter men labor day and night in the construction of hell on earth, sanctioned by kings and princes immune to the suffering of their subjects.