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Embassy of the Netherlands

Ambassador Renée Jones-Bos

4200 Linnean Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20008

Phone: 2022445300
Fax: 2023623430

Website: www.netherlands-embassy.org
Email: was@minbuza.nl

Deputy Chief of Mission

Mr. Gerard van der Wulp 

Phone: 202 274 2601
Email: was-plvcdp@minbuza.nl

Political Head/Representative

Ms. Nathalie Jaarsma, Counselor

Email: was-pa@minbuza.nl

Commercial/Trade Head/Representative

Mr. Stephan Raes, Minister, Economic Department

Phone: 202 274 2617
Email: washington@trade-minbuza.nl

Press Head/Representative

Ms. Floris van Hovell, Counselor, Press, Public and Cultural Department

Email: was-ppc@minbuza.nl

Consular Head/Representative

Mr. Andries van der Meulen, First Secretary

Consular services, general enquiries

Phone: 202 274 2642
Email: was-ca@minbuza.nl

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