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Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus

His Excellency Pavlos Anastasiades

2211 R Street NW
Washington, DC  20008-4082

Phone:  202 462-5772
Fax : 202 483-6710

Website: www.cyprusembassy.net
E-mail: ambassador@cyprusembassy.net,
Newsletter: to subscribe, email press.office@cyprusembassy.net
Business gateway: http://www.CyprusBusinessGateway.com

Deputy Chief of Mission

Mr. Yannis Michaelides

Phone: 202 462-5772
Fax: 202 483-6710
Email: michaelides@cyprusembassy.net

First Secretary/Political Counselor

Mr. Savva Solon

Phone: 202 462-5772
Fax: 202 483-6710
Email: savva@cyprusembassy.net

Press Attache

Ourania Dionysiou

Phone: 202-462-5772
Fax: 202-483-6710
Email: dionysiou@cyprusembassy.net

Press and Information Office

Ms. Antonia Mitsis, Press Officer

Phone: 202-232-8993
Fax: 202-234-1936
Email: mitsis@cyprusembassy.net

Consular services

Issuance of : Visa, passport, certificate of identity, Cypriot birth certificate, Cypriot citizenship, certificate of Permanent Residence in the USA, Legalization.

Information about: Civil Marriages in Cyprus, import of animals to Cyprus, obtaining permission for transportation of remains for burial in Cyprus.

Ms. Demetra Christodoulou, Consul/Second Secretary

Phone: 202 462-5772
Fax:  202 483-6710
Email: christodoulou@cyprusembassy.net

Office hours: 9:00 am 5:00 pm

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