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Embassy of Brazil

His Excellency Mauro L.I. Vieira 

3006 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20008

Phone: 202 238 2700
Fax: 202 238 2827

Website: www.brasilemb.org
Email: ambassador@brasilemb.org, pubaffairs@brasilemb.org
Newsletter: www.brasilemb.org/press_media/press3.shtml

Commercial/Trade Head/Representative

Mr. Philip Gough, Commercial Counselor

Phone: 202 2382757
Email: trade@brasilemb.org

Energy Affairs

Ms. Daniela Araujo, First Secretary

Phone: 202 238 2758

Cultural Head/Representative

Mr. Antonio Luz, First Secretary, Cultural Section

Email: cultural@brasilemb.org

Consular Head/Representative

Villafañe G. Santos

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